Anthony Parker Would Make Ideal Backup for Paul Pierce If Celtics Can Swing Deadline Deal The Celtics aren't hiding it anymore — they're officially in the market to add another impact player to their bench. The time for playing coy is over, with the trading deadline just around the corner and time running out. It's time to get a deal done.

Doc Rivers said at practice this week that the Celtics are "definitely looking" to get a deal done this week. And while no one's saying it publicly, that probably means he's implying that Marquis Daniels won't be back this season. The C's have been cryptic about his injury (as they often are), but we can put two and two together. This team needs another swingman to back up Paul Pierce.

We've heard the big names floated out there over the last couple of weeks — Richard Hamilton, Shane Battier, Grant Hill. All solid players who would surely make an impact in Boston, but how realistic are they?

Not very.

Those guys come with big contracts, and they can't be easily wrestled away from their current teams. The Celtics need to think smaller. They don't have a lot of assets, so they won't be making any blockbusters.

So how about Anthony Parker?

The 35-year-old swingman isn't a marquee name. He's a modest role player finishing out the final months of a two-year, $5.5 million contract signed in the summer of 2009 with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He's decent, he's affordable and he's gettable.

The Cavs recently finished losing 26 consecutive games, more than any team in NBA history. They're looking to sell off everything and start over anew. Everyone with a paycheck is up for grabs — you name him, you can deal for him.

Parker would be a good fit in Boston.

He's a consummate professional. He's a versatile player, standing 6-foot-6 and having the physical tools to match up well with shooting guards and small forwards. He works hard, he plays defense and he can knock down the occasional 3. Off the Celtics' bench, he'd be rock solid.

We don't know anything for certain, but it sure sounds at the moment like Daniels isn't walking through that door. The Celtics need to find someone else who will.

C's fans love to think big, but Danny Ainge needs to think small, realistic and immediately doable. He needs to think about a deal for Parker, who could be the last piece of the Celtics' championship puzzle.

Who do you think the Celtics should acquire by Thursday's NBA trade deadline? Share your thoughts below.