Send Uri Berenguer Fantasy Baseball Questions to Be Answered on 'Fantasy Baseball Daily' Fantasy baseball managers: Start your engines.

The 2011 season is upon us as Florida and Arizona are filling up with the world's best ball players. This means that fantasy baseball managers everywhere are preparing for yet another month of hardcore fantasy draft research, so they're ensured to nab this summer's can't-miss studs.

Do you take a chance on Adrian Gonzalez in the first round despite the slugger coming off an injury and taking his hacks in a brand-new home? Will Albert Pujols' contract situation affect the Cardinals' All-Star?

Who who will emerge from spring training and take over an everyday role? You can get your fantasy fix by sending NESN's Uri Berenguer your most pressing questions and issues, as he'll answer them on Fantasy Baseball Daily.

Fantasy baseball fans can leave their questions in the comments section below. Tune in to NESN to see if Uri picked your question or comment to be answered on Fantasy Baseball Daily.