Jacksonville Jaguars Rep Rashean Mathis Informs Players, Warns Them of Mainstream Media Via Email


NFL teams each have player representatives who keep the players informed of exactly what’s happening in the contract debates and lockout situation.

Jacksonville Jaguars rep, Rashean Mathis, recently sent an update to the team via email, which was leaked to TerezOwens, warning the players not to trust media or websites like ProFootballTalk.com, because “their guys are on the NFL payroll.”

Mathis also clarifies that the lockout negotiations have been going on for much longer than the past few weeks.

“The reality is that we have been fighting this lockout for 2 YEARS.  De Smith sent Mr. Goodell a letter to want to negotiate way back in May of 2009.”

Towards the end of the email, Mathis breaks down the NFL’s proposal regarding revenue sharing, and laments the players’ struggles.

“Mind you over the past 11 years we as players and owners have split all revenue 50/50.  This is the kicker of the NFL New Proposal, as the revenue grows, the NFL does not want the Players [revenue] to grow with it.  They want to cap our income and allow themselves to gain all new income as the NFL grows. … Remember, we did not choose to be in this situation.  They have put us here.  We want to play and we want to get a fair deal.”

The lockout seems to be stuck in a stalemate, after commissioner Roger Goodell and several players exchanged letters.  A hearing will be held on April 6 in a federal court in Minneapolis to decide on the players’ request for an injunction to end the lockout.

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