Carl Yastrzemski Highlights Opening Day Ceremony, Provides Good Luck Boost For Red Sox


Carl Yastrzemski has experienced his fair share of home openers at Fenway Park, and this year he was asked to help to Red Sox win, just like old times.

According to, Red Sox CEO Larry Lucchino called Yaz three weeks ago to ensure that he would be available to throw out the first pitch on Opening Day, not knowing the significance the Boston legend's arrival would have on the team.

For Terry Francona, whose team was desperate for a win after starting the season 0-6, Yastrzemski was just the good luck charm Boston's manager needed to get the Sox back on track.

"He wants me to come back tomorrow if they win," Yaz said after the opening ceremonies. "I told Francona, I said, 'I'm undefeated at throwing out the first pitch.' Both games of the World Series [in 2004 and '07] they won, so they'll win today."

Yastrzemski said he knows what it's like to be on a struggling baseball team, but that slumps are meant to end.

"It's just a team thing with the slump, you know?" Yastrzemski said. "It's the way it happens in baseball for some reason. And it always happens. You go five, six games when nobody hits. And then all of a sudden, bang, they explode. What's the reason for it? Who knows?"

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