The family of Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan who was brutally assaulted in the Dodger Stadium parking lot following the teams' Opening Day matchup on March 31, filed a civil suit against the Dodgers in Los Angeles Superior Court on Tuesday, according to

The suit reportedly seeks unspecified damages to cover the economic damages to Stow and his two children, as well Stow's future medical care.

Attorney Thomas Girardi, who is representing the Stows, said that the family insisted on repaying much of the money that has been raised for the Bryan Stow Fund since the attack.

The Dodgers have increased the security presence at Dodger Stadium in the wake of the incident — which included hiring former Los Angeles police chief Bill Bratton to work on long-term measures — and have paid for the Stow family's hotel bill in downtown L.A. while Bryan was hospitalized at a nearby medical center for several weeks.

Girardi said that there were steps the Dodgers could have taken to better protect public safety, though, and that the team willfully chose to use their resources in other areas.

"The Dodgers have shown a total disregard for public safety," Girardi said. "They've gotten rid of security people. They've had all these incidents at their games, more than other teams. There's also a known gang presence. What did they think was going to happen?"

According to court records, one of Stow's alleged attackers, Giovanni Ramirez, has a history of violence and run-ins with law enforcement.