David Tyree Says He’d Trade Super Bowl Win If Doing So Would Prevent Same-Sex Marriages


David Tyree Says He'd Trade Super Bowl Win If Doing So Would Prevent Same-Sex Marriages David Tyree had 650 receiving yards in his six-year NFL career, which is about half of what a good receiver accumlates in a full season. Yet he made one impossible catch on the game's biggest stage, and for that he'll be famous for quite some time.

Tyree has lately used that fame to become an outspoken advocate against same-sex marriages, last week saying they would lead to "anarchy."

Now, Tyree says he'd be willing to trade in his Super Bowl glory if it meant he could stop same-sex marriages from happening.

"Honestly, I probably would," Tyree said, according to the New York Daily News, when asked if he'd sacrifice that fateful helmet grab. "Nothing means more to me than that my God would be honored. Being the fact that I firmly believe that God created and ordained marriage between a man and a woman, I believe that that's something that should be fought for at all costs. So I'll lay down everything I am to preserve the honor and integrity of the God that I serve."

Tyree argued that same-sex marriages will work to break down society.

"Once you allow something like same-sex marriage, it opens up the door for a continual softening to the backbone of our society, which will eventually, for generations to come, open up the door for who knows, polygamy, and all other [things]," he said.

The 31-year-old also said he's not worried about how his beliefs may affect fans' opinions of him.

"I have no care of my image," he said, according the Daily News. "I'm not necessarily here to be politically correct. All of my convictions come from my faith. I speak strong for that."

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