The problems for Los Angeles Dodgers owner Frank McCourt are adding up quicker than his debt, and it could hit a tipping point in the coming days.

According to, a source close to the situation with the Dodgers and MLB says that commissioner Bud Selig and Major League Baseball are "probably" planning on filing a motion to seize the Dodgers.

Baseball's constitution allows Selig to take control of any club that seeks Chapter 11 protection. Although there is no timetable set, the source says MLB is going to file a motion seeking termination of the franchise.

This comes after a Delaware judge approved the $150 million bankruptcy agreement on an interim basis pending a July 20 hearing, allowing the Dodgers to obtain $60 million to maintain operations.

Selig and MLB objected the proposal at first, stating that the Dodgers were selling off valuable future broadcast rights to help with McCourt's personal needs.

McCourt has blamed his need for filing for Chapter 11 on Selig's stance to veto the multi-billion dollar TV deal that McCourt was going to sign with FOX Sports to help keep the team in the black.