Shaquille O’Neal’s Boston Tenure the ‘Cherry on Top of Extraordinary Career’


Jun 1, 2011

It's likely that when NBA fans look back on the career of Shaquille O'Neal, the big man's time in Boston won't be the first thing that comes to mind. That doesn't mean he didn't make an impact during his time wearing Celtic green. Celtics reporter Evans Clinchy spoke with about what Shaq's legacy in Boston will end up being. Clinchy spoke about how O'Neal came in to be a complementary player, and by all accounts, did indeed check his ego at the door.

In the process, Shaq left his mark on Boston, even if he struggled to stay on the floor and contribute at the level that Celtics fans hoped he would.

"Fans will always look back on Shaq's time and wonder what could have been had Shaq been healthy or more consistent, but hey, the C's got what they paid for," Clinchy said. "They got a 39-year-old living legend putting the cherry on top of an extraordinary career. We wouldn't trade that for anything."

To hear all of what Evans Clinchy had to say, click here.

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