Throughout history, MLB fans have seen their fair share of eccentric relievers. Whether it’s John Rocker and his run from the bullpen or Jonathan Papelbon and his river dance, one word has become synonymous with closers — crazy.

That craziness was magnified during Tuesday’s All-Star game as San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell and San Francisco Giants closer Brian Wilson used the national stage as a way to display their quirkiness.

While we’ve certainly seen crazier displays from Brian Wilson in the past, TV audiences must have been wondering what was going through the New Hampshire native’s mind during player introductions. While every other player tipped their cap towards the crowd, Wilson — well, did something with his cap.

Later in the game, things really got weird. When Bell emerged from the bullpen to get the final out of the top of the eighth inning, he broke into a full-on sprint towards the mound. And that’s not all of it — when Bell got to the infield, he executed a perfect pop-up slide right behind the pitcher’s mound.

To see the introduction and the slide, check out the videos below.