Former Red Sox outfielder Mike Cameron has hinted that he might retire following the 2011 season.

Cameron told the Palm Beach Post that his body feels much older than his age.

"I may be too young to quit, but my body's telling me different. My body's 45," he told the paper.

Cameron had issues with his abdomen early in his first year with the Red Sox after signing a two-year deal two winters ago. He played in just 48 games before season-ending surgery in 2010. Although he looked his normal self during spring training this year, the 38-year-old struggled out of the gate and was designated for assignment on June 30.

Cameron was batting just .149 at the time. Five days later he was traded to the Florida Marlins, for whom he has hit .239 with six home runs and 18 RBIs in 44 games.

Although he has played better with the Marlins, the 17-year veteran, who currently has some hamstring problems, is keeping all his options open.

"It's a small window that's wide open," he said of the possibility of retiring. "I'm not going to make a decision now because there are too many variables much more than how I feel."

In a career that has seen him play for eight teams, Cameron is a .249 hitter with 278 home runs. He has won three Gold Glove awards.