Andrew Luck Doesn't 'Root for Anyone to Lose,' Avoids Controversy Over 'Suck for Luck' CampaignWhether or not the "Suck for Luck" campaign has reached the point of fans rooting for their team to lose, don't count its namesake, Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck, among any of those groups.

"I don't root for anyone to lose," Luck recently said when asked about teams losing on purpose to attain his draft rights, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

No matter which team ends up with the first overall pick, it will likely be a team that's in full-on rebuilding mode. It will also likely be a team that won't be in position to win for quite some time.

If he were rooting for any team to lose, though, it would likely be the Indianapolis Colts who are currently 0-6. There, Luck can learn from Peyton Manning, one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history. That being said, the situation in Indy is wrought in uncertainty, with Jim Caldwell on the hot seat and aging players at several skill positions. And who knows whether Manning will even be back next year.

At 0-5, one thing we know is that the job of Miami Dolphins quarterback is wide open (as it has been for over a decade). Matt Moore put on a clinic of incompetency on Monday Night Football against the Jets (16-for-34, 190 yards, 2 interceptions, 40.1 passer rating) in the wake of Chad Henne's tough start to the season.

The Rams, who drafted Sam Bradford first overall in 2010, are the only other winless team. One-win teams include the Vikings, Jaguars, Panthers, Broncos and Cardinals. All of those teams except the Cardinals has spent a first-round pick on a quarterback in the past two seasons, and the Cardinals traded for Kevin Kolb this offseason.

With that, it seems that some of the league's worst teams may not "Suck for Luck" after all. Instead, they'll just plain suck.

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