California Native Sterling Moore Struggling to Comprehend Fascination With Dunkin’ Donuts


FOXBORO, Mass. — Sterling Moore has faced a culture shock during his first extended stay in the northeast.

The rookie cornerback joined the Patriots’ practice squad Oct. 5, and the California native has spent his time away from the field getting lost on Route 1 — maybe because his head has been spinning so fast from the amount of Dunkin’ Donuts he’s seen.

“Everywhere I turn,” Moore laughed about the chain of Dunkin Donuts.

Moore, who spent training camp and part of September with the Raiders, has been hoping one of those turns would lead to a Krispy Kreme, which he said he misses most about the West Coast. The problem with that, though, is the closest Krispy Kreme is at Mohegan Sun.

“From what I heard [from friends in California], Dunkin’ Donuts isn’t too good,” Moore said. “That’s just from what I heard from everyone out there. They said Krispy Kreme was a lot better, so I wish we had some Krispy Kreme out here.”

Moore, whose only previous trip to the East Coast came in a 2008 recruiting visit to UMass, has been lighthearted about his adjustments and even acknowledged he’d have to give Dunkin’ Donuts a try. Before that, though, he’s hoping to get a grasp of the area.

“The freeways to me are like single-lane roads out here, so I get lost, and I can’t turn around for like 30 miles,” he said with a laugh. “After the game [Sunday], I just wanted some McDonald’s, so I tried to go to McDonald’s, but everything was shut down. Then all you could do was turn right, and I couldn’t turn back around for like 45 miles. So it turned into an hour trip, so that was terrible. I just try not to go out at night anymore because that’s when I usually get lost, so I just started ordering food to my hotel room more so I don’t have to leave.”

Moore has been like everyone else who struggles to adjust to Route 1. One missed turn, and it’s game over.

“It’s given me the most problems,” Moore said. “I tried to go to some shopping center [in Wrentham] because I don’t have warm clothes, coming from California. All I have is clothes for the sun and stuff, so I tried to go get some clothes and I got lost. Then I wasted a lot of gas trying to find my way around.”

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