Following the death of IndyCar driver Dan Wheldon on Sunday, reigning five-time NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson said the IndyCar Series should stop racing on ovals because the cars are unfit to do so.

"I wouldn't run them on ovals. There's just no need to," Johnson said Monday. "Those cars are fantastic for street circuits, for road courses. I hate, hate, hate that this tragedy took place. But hopefully they can learn from it and make those cars safer on ovals somehow."

Sunday's IndyCar race was held at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, an oval track predominantly used by NASCAR.

An added danger for the IndyCar Series is the top speeds that the cars can reach, which are much higher than what NASCAR cars can reach. Average speeds of 225 mph were recorded during Sunday's IndyCar race.

"Their average was 225? I've never been 225 mph in my life — and that's their average around an oval. They are brave men and women that drive those things," Johnson said. "There's very little crumple zone around the driver, it's an open cockpit and then you add open wheels — it's just creating situations to get the car off the ground at a high rate of speed. And you can't control the car when it's off the ground."