Jerry Sandusky’s Likeness Removed From Penn State Mural, Replaced With Blue Ribbon


It may be impossible for Jerry Sandusky's alleged victims to erase their memories, but a muralist in State College, Pa., has already begun the process of erasing Sandusky's memory in Happy Valley.

Sandusky's image in a mural featuring noteworthy Penn State figures was painted over by its artist this week, after accusations became public that Sandusky sexually abused young boys connected with his charity.

"I believe in due process. I do," muralist Michael Pilato told The Patriot-News. "With all the evidence in the news right now and some of the [alleged] victims living here, it kills me to think of the [alleged] victims having to walk past this.

"It saddens me to do this. When I first met Jerry, I thought he was a great man. He fooled me like he fooled everyone."

An image of a blue ribbon honoring Sandusky's alleged victims now appears in the mural on a chair where Sandusky's likeness once sat.

Longtime head coach Joe Paterno and university president Graham Spanier are still among the images that grace the wall, as seen below. (Sandusky's image was in the empty chair on the far left.)

Jerry Sandusky's Likeness Removed From Penn State Mural, Replaced With Blue Ribbon
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