NBA Lockout’s Effects Reach Past Owners, Players to Businesses, Everyday People (Video)


Even though the NBA lockout is a result of a fight between the players and the owners, its effects reach far past those two parties.

A report done by CNN stated that the lockout affects other businesses by up to 30 percent. Some of those other businesses ranged from a recent Iowa graduate who used to seat vend at Hawks games to a hotel that estimates a loss of roughly $400,000 to $500,000 because of the lockout.

"It's time for you to come back to the table, stop squabbling over the millions of dollars that you're squabbling about and think about the everyday business person that's not only in this city, but across this country," New York Sen. Michael Smith said in the video.

The lockout is affecting more than just individuals and hotel businesses, as establishments close to basketball arenas are also facing problems.

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