Annoying Heat Fan's Cheers Recorded, Made Into Sound BoardWe've all been through it before. You settle into your overpriced seat, ready to watch your favorite team play at its home venue, and just as the action begins you experience is interrupted by an obnoxious fan sitting nearby.

The worst part is, that fan is rooting for the same team you are.

Jason Feifer, a Miami Heat fan and self-described "air-conditioning enthusiast," encountered just such a nightmare when he sat near arguably the most annoying fan in the world. For our enjoyment — or punishment — he recorded some of her greatest hits and compiled them into a sound board.

Among the highlights:

  • Five variations of "alright!" including two personalized for LeBron James.
  • Three versions of "Oh my god!"
  • One combination of "alright" and "oh my god" to show off her versatility.
  • Two separate shouts of "You can do it!"
  • One extended boo, plus another, shorter boo of Celtics guard Rajon Rondo.

Hear all her cheers and jeers at

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