Dana White Compares Anti-SOPA Activists to 9/11 Terrorists, Says They’re Going to Get ‘Osama Bin Laden’d’ (Video)


UFC president Dana White is a very outspoken individual who prides himself on not taking crap from anybody. So when some "Internet nerds" recently hacked the UFC website, White was a bit heated to say the least.

White took things to the extreme, though, comparing the anti-SOPA activists who have been hacking the site to the 9/11 terrorists. He said that he's pissed off at the hackers, who have been acting in protest of the company's support of the anti-piracy bill.

White doesn't intend to run away from the Internet hooligans, though. Instead, the UFC president is looking to throw down.

"If you go out there and start acting like a terrorist, you're going to get Osama bin Laden'd," White said.

Check out the rest of White's tirade in the video below, courtesy of The Score.

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