‘Bradying’ Craze Replaces ‘Tebowing’ Following Patriots’ Super Bowl XLVI Loss to Giants (Photos)


'Bradying' Craze Replaces 'Tebowing' Following Patriots' Super Bowl XLVI Loss to Giants (Photos)Tom Brady was full of emotion before, during and after Super Bowl XLVI, which the Patriots dropped to the Giants. Unfortunately for him (and fortunately for the Internet), he unintentionally struck a pose that embodied that sadness.

One photo was all it took for the Twitter world to blow up with imitations of the sagging shoulders and defeated mannerisms that Brady displayed on Super Sunday.

It's a shame that Brady is being forced to relive his loss through a social media joke, but there is a silver lining. By replacing "Tebowing" as the latest trend, at least he gets to defeat Tim Tebow once again.

There's even a Bradying.com that's capturing the essence of Brady's midgame pose.

Click here to see photos of the "Bradying" craze that's suddenly taking over >>

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