LeBron James carried the Miami Heat to a near comeback victory against the Lakers in Los Angeles on Sunday. But that's not all that James was carrying into the Staples Center.

While James showed off his skills on the court in Miami's 93-83 loss, scoring 25 points to go along with 13 rebounds and 7 assists, the 27-year-old James was seen showing off some of his off-the-court interests prior to the loss.

Before the game, ABC TV cameras caught Lebron strolling into the arena, alongside fellow Heat teammate Dwyane Wade, with a tiny leather bag clasped tightly in his right hand. The bag appears to be a designer handbag that James decided would fit in perfectly with Wade's skin-tight muscle shirt.

I get that NBA players like to ride in style with their Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royces, and I totally dig that they dress in a style that anyone with even the subtlest of fashion sense can appreciation. But, a man-purse. Really?

The man-bag handbag just doesn't do it for me and strikes me more as a cry for attention than a carry-all. What could he honestly be carrying in that bag anyhow? It looks like it could reasonably fit a cell phone and a granola bar inside, but that's about it.

Check out the video below to see James' stylish piece of luggage.