Mark Cuban’s Homophobic Joke About Bill Simmons Removed From Podcast, Mavericks Owner Later Apologizes


March 9, 2012

Mark Cuban's Homophobic Joke About Bill Simmons Removed From Podcast, Mavericks Owner Later ApologizesMark Cuban is known to say what's on his mind. However, during an interview for Bill Simmons' podcast at the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference in Boston last week, Cuban said something he immediately regretted.

Fortunately for the Dallas Mavericks owner, ESPN was able to keep that part of the interview quiet, at least for a little while.

Cuban made an off-color joke while discussing the kiss cam. When Simmons said that he enjoyed the kiss cam, Cuban's response was simple, but unfortunate.

"That's because you and your boyfriend are always on it," Cuban said.

However, Cuban's joke was edited out of the podcast.

The 53-year-old entrepreneur tried to backtrack on his comment, but Simmons simply moved on and continued with the conversation. On Friday, Cuban apologized, according to the Dallas News.

"I made a mistake in making the comment," he wrote. "I wasn't trying to be hurtful. It wasn't a comment on anyone's sexuality. It was just me trying to be funny. It wasn't. I quickly realized it and tried to fix it. I hoped at the time I didn't offend anyone.

"This blog post is not about trying  to defend what I said," he added. "I guess what I am doing is admitting that at some level I am prejudiced and that I recognize that I am . There are a lot of things in my life that I need to improve at. This is one of them. Sometimes I make stupid throw away comments that I quickly realize are wrong. It doesn't happen often, but it happens. It was a mistake and I realized it. I learned from it."

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