Lennox Little League, located just outside of the Los Angeles International Airport, has recently come upon tough times.

The tight-knit neighborhood has struggled to deal with the regulation fees that have slowly been rising in the economically depressed community. This increase has created problems for some families who can simply no longer afford to send their kids to Little League.

However, just as the league was about to shut down for good, Lennox Little League received one of the strangest donations possible — a $1,200 donation from the Jet Strip Gentleman's Club.

Despite the borderline inappropriate connection between a strip club and Little League, most of the parents were at least happy that the establishment was giving back to the community.

"Whoever is willing to get behind the kids in a positive way, you know, we have to be willing to support those people as well," told a mother of one Little Leaguer to KTLA News.

In an even more surprising move, the league reportedly will not accept the generous offer from Jet Strip Gentleman's Club despite the fact they need to raise $65,000 to successfully keep the league going for the long-term.

Without the cash it looks like Lennox Little League will go down swinging, but hopefully only for a little while.