Justin Blackmon, Dontari Poe Among List Of Possible 2012 NFL Draft BustsIf the NFL draft were an easy science, guys like JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf would have been avoided like the plague, while Tom Brady would have been selected 198 picks earlier than anyone could have imagined in 2000.

But such is life. The problem with these mistakes, though, is they carry an immensely high profile, and they cost NFL franchises millions upon millions of dollars.

Last week, I highlighted 10 players from the 2012 class who have Hall of Fame potential. This week, I'll get a little more pessimistic and put the spotlight on 10 players who could be considered the draft's greatest busts. And due to the draft's great level of uncertainty, a few players appeared on each list.

This doesn't necessarily mean the following 10 players will turn into spectacular failures. After all, I've put Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck on the bust list, even though I think he's going to be a megastar. The reason for his inclusion, though, is the hype he's received, which also makes him a perfect candidate for someone who won't live up to everyone's expectations.

Maybe the following players don't have the right mental makeup. Maybe, though no fault of their own, they'll be greatly overvalued by an organization that doesn't know how to use them. Or maybe they'll have a decent 10-year career but won't be enough to revitalize a franchise.

For whatever reason, here's a list of 10 players with the potential to bust.

Check out the list of possible 2012 draft busts >>>

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