It could be a sign of the Apocalypse. Or someone had to be doing a practical joke.

Turns out it was neither. The water in the fountain outside of the University of Kentucky's Rupp Arena turned red Wednesday by accident. It was supposed to be a cheery pink as a group prepared to show the film "Pretty in Pink" at Triangle Park, according to

That didn’t keep many Kentucky fans from thinking that the water had been intentionally dyed a darker shade – a Cardinals red, perhaps, in honor of the Wildcats’ rival, Louisville.

There’s no word yet on whether NCAA Championship-winning coach John Calipari is planning to take any prized recruits to “Pretty in Pink.”

It’s a fair guess, though, that some diehard fans had to be wondering whether the university was getting payback for making some kind of Faustian bargain to get the title this year, and whether the fountain turning red was a sign that locusts and plagues are next.

Check out the red fountain water below.

Kentucky Fans Get Collective Heart Attack When Water Outside Rupp Arena Turns Red (Photo)

Photo via Instagram/dj_always