Alex Ovechkin has a habit of ruffling feathers.

The Capitals forward has been under a microscope before for delivering questionable hits, so maybe we shouldn't be all that surprised that some are skeptical of his hit on Rangers defenseman Dan Girardi.

Among those who find Ovechkin's hit "unacceptable" is hockey analyst Mike Milbury.

Milbury has never been one to pull any punches, and he made it clear that Ovechkin should be fined for his hit on Girardi, mostly because Ovie is a repeat offender.

Ovechkin clearly left his feet when delivering the hit, which Brendan Shanahan has made clear in the past is a big no-no. However, it appears Ovechikin will get out of this incident unscathed.

Check out Ovechkin's hit and Milbury's reaction below, and you be the judge of whether or not the Washington star should be punished.

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Mike Milbury Considers Alex Ovechkin's Hit on Dan Girardi 'Unacceptable' (Video)

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Mike Milbury Considers Alex Ovechkin's Hit on Dan Girardi 'Unacceptable' (Video)

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