Chris Bosh Comes Under Fire From Daughter's Mother's Attorney Over Child Support PaymentsThe Miami Heat may be one win away from capturing the first championship of the "Big Three" era, but that doesn't mean that Chris Bosh is having a completely easy go of it in his life right now.

Adding on to the abdominal strain that sidelined him for several games earlier in the playoffs and the masseuse that died at his home a few weeks ago, Bosh is now facing withering criticism from the attorney of his young daughter's mother, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Jane E. Carey, who represents Allison Mathis, has not been shy about voicing her dislike of the Heat forward. She lit into him Tuesday morning on a Dallas morning radio show while talking to the host, appalled at the disparity between Bosh's lifestyle and his support of Mathis and their 3-year-old daughter. Bosh contributes $2,600 per month in child support payments.

"Chris has a lavish lifestyle and he's not stingy, he takes care of everybody except Trinity," Carey ranted. "I've been an attorney for 29 years and Chris is the worst person I have ever dealt with!"

Mathis was recently laid off, and subsequently applied for food stamps. Carey had earlier denounced Bosh's wish to bring his daughter to the Olympics, deriding it as a "photo op."