Patrik Elias Finds Missing Stanley Cup Puck in His Equipment Bag


June 29, 2012

Patrik Elias Finds Missing Stanley Cup Puck in His Equipment BagLos Angeles Kings fans can rest easy knowing that the missing Stanley Cup puck has finally been found.

New Jersey Devils forward Patrik Elias found the puck in his equipment bag, ending the Kings' frantic search for their piece of history.

Elias was the person most likely to have the puck, as he was seen scooping it up off the ice while the Kings celebrated their Cup victory. After picking up the puck, Elias headed over to teammate Martin Brodeur before skating off the ice.

He later cleared the air, saying that while he did pick up the puck, he didn't have it and didn't know where it was. He recalled picking the puck up off the ice and speaking with Brodeur, but said that he must have left the puck on the bench. Elias said that while he didn't think that the puck had traveled to New Jersey in his equipment bag, he would double check his bag and locker to be sure. 

Elias, true to his word, checked his equipment bag when he returned from vacation and found the missing puck. He contacted the Kings immediately to return the puck to them.

Kings president and general manager Dean Lombardi was thrilled to hear from Elias that the puck was safe and being returned to the organization.

"It's like a lot of traditions, and it became one of them that the puck has gone to the winning team," Lombardi told the Los Angeles Times. "He called me and said he wanted to make sure it got to its rightful owners. He was a real class act."

Now that the mystery has been solved and the puck is on its way home, the Kings can finally relax and enjoy the victory.

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