Suffolk County prosecutors have dropped the rape charges against former Boston University hockey player Max Nicastro.

Prosecutors wrote in court papers that they were not able to prove their case, according to a report from The Boston Globe.

Suffolk Assistant District Attorney Gloriann Moroney wrote that, while the complainant continues to maintain that her initial allegations are true, they do not have enough evidence to continue the case.

“The Commonwealth states that it has met with the complainant in this case, and she maintains that her initial allegations against the defendant are true. Based on a thorough review of all of the evidence in the case, however, the Commonwealth has concluded that the evidence will not permit the Commonwealth to meet its burden of proof beyond a reasonable doubt at trial. For that reason, the Commonwealth will not pursue the case further,” Moroney wrote.

Nicastro, 21, and his attorney, Hugh R. Curran, were both present at Brighton Memorial Court on Friday, where the charges were formally dropped.

In a telephone interview Friday, Curran said that Nicastro, who was no longer a student at the school following his Feb. 19 arrest by Boston University police, was looking forward to moving on and finishing his academic career.

“The most important aspect of his life going forward is obtaining his college degree,” Curran said. “Like any athlete, he has been staying in shape. But hockey is secondary, and has been secondary, to what has been taking place in his life. His education has always been the primary focus.”