Soldier Honored at Dodger Stadium Gets Surprise When His Father Catches Ceremonial First Pitch (Video)


Lawrence Farias says that it’s been eight years since he’s been able to spend Father’s Day with his son. That’s just one of the many problems faced when your son is a member of the military. 

U.S. Marine Corporal Christopher Farias finally got to spend a Father’s Day with his dad on Sunday, but it wasn’t your typical father-son reunion. 

Christopher was selected to be honored at Dodger Stadium as the veteran of the game.

“I think it’s really a huge honor, especially on Father’s Day,” Christopher told before the game. “Today I represent my family, and my dad is so proud of me. I wish he was here today.”

As part of the honor, Christopher was set to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. Someone dressed in a Dodgers uniform and full catcher’s gear came out to catch the pitch. Of course, that geared-up man was Lawrence, Christopher’s father.

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