U.S. Open Videobomber Reportedly Identified as Environmental Activist Calling Himself 'Jungle Bird'The man who crashed Webb Simpson's U.S. Open trophy presentation not only has a name — he also has a cause.

He calls himself "Jungle Bird," according to Awful Announcing, and he has a reputation for interrupting events in the hopes of raising awareness about deforestation.

Supposedly a 40-year-old man from the United Kingdom, he has a YouTube channel and a Facebook page complete with photos and video from Sunday's incident. There, he identifies himself as a "fictional character" who is "dedicated to raising awareness of deforestation."

Some helpful tips he includes for helping the cause are "Don't chop down trees" and "read digital books." There's nothing about "hijacking a television interview," but we have to assume that might be updated soon.

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Thumbnail photo via Facebook/Jungle Bird