Cody Ross’ Bat Flip Has Become As Captivating As Outfielder’s Monster Home Runs (Gallery)


Jul 20, 2012

Cody Ross' Bat Flip Has Become As Captivating As Outfielder's Monster Home Runs (Gallery)Cody Ross has slowly but surely become a fan favorite in Boston. Thanks to his walk-off blast on Thursday night to beat the White Sox, it's safe to assume that he's now one of the most popular players the Sox have right now.

Much of that comes from what Ross can do at the plate. The outfielder has become a slugger this season, with his swing apparently built for Fenway Park. He's blasted balls over the Monster all season long, with some even heading over Lansdowne Street, seeming to touch the sky on their way.

However, what Ross does after he launches baseballs into orbit is just as popular. Ross' post-homer bat flip grows in popularity with each round-tripper Ross belts, and the legend should only continue to grow with Ross' walk-off — and bat flip — from Thursday night.

Click here to see some of Ross' best flips from this season >>

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