Massachusetts Woman Accused of Stalking Theo Epstein Arrested in ChicagoBeing the general manager of the Boston Red Sox is a stressful job that can take its toll on someone. You're always in the spotlight and fans are interested in your every move.

For Theo Epstein, though, getting away from that isn't as simple as just leaving Boston and moving to Chicago.

The Chicago Tribune reports that a Massachusetts woman has been arrested after being accused of stalking Epstein outside his Chicago home. According to the paper, Kathleen Kearney, 44, was arrested just two blocks from the Cubs president of baseball operations' house.

The Tribune also reports that Kearney told police that she was simply "inviting Mr. Epstein to church."

Epstein had reportedly been warned about Kearney's stalking and when she was brought to his home, Epstein did indeed identify her as someone who had been warned about stalking in the past.

Stalkers were apparently something that Epstein and his family had to deal with in Boston as well.

"There was a burnout factor in Epstein's desire to leave, which he was going to do regardless after the 2012 season," Peter Gammons wrote on last October.

"It was as if he were stuck on an elevator between the ninth and 10th floors. His wife, Marie, and son, Jack, could not live normal lives. There often was an unmarked Brookline police cruiser at the end of his street because of a stalker and concerns about the family privacy."