Olympic Flame Drowned During Torch Relay Canoeing Trip (Video)


Water and fire don’t mix, even if said fire is arguably the world’s most famous flame.

For the second time since the Olympic Torch was lit in Greece on May 10, the flame went out. This time, the torch relay was visiting the site of the Olympic canoeing slalom course in Hertfordshire, England, on Saturday.

British canoeist Zach Franklin was the man charged with keeping the flame alight, but despite his best efforts was unable to keep the course’s rapids from splashing and extinguishing the flame. Although the torch was re-lit from a secondary lantern (also lit from the Olympic flame’s original source in Greece), the mishap was the latest in what’s been an eventful torch relay.

A gust of wind blew the flame out shortly after it was first lit in Greece. Then, as the flame was being transferred from Greece to the United Kingdom to officially begin the relay, Greek officials made mention of “Sir David Beckham,” as the L.A. Galaxy soccer star was on hand for the ceremony. The only problem is that Beckham has not been knighted yet. Finally, on the third day of the relay, the flame burned out while attached to a Paralympic athlete’s wheelchair.

Check out the video below to see the flame go out and then be re-lit.

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