Tom Brady ‘Trying to Earn a Spot’ as Patriots Open Camp With High Expectations, New Players


Tom Brady 'Trying to Earn a Spot' as Patriots Open Camp With High Expectations, New PlayersBy now it's become commonplace to hear Tom Brady say he has to prove himself every practice, every game and earn a spot on the Patriots.

But it's still strange to see the Hall of Fame lock saying it as New England works through the beginning of camp with a wealth of new players and heightened expectations after last year's Super Bowl run.

On Saturday, as many people wondered how old pieces and new additions would fit together for another record-setting season, Brady emphasized that players are fighting for their jobs right now.

"I still feel like a young kid out here trying to earn a spot," Brady said Saturday, according to ESPN, after interjecting an "I hope so" when someone started a question by saying, "You're going to be on the team, but…."

While Brady may not have been playing along with those who want to talk about eclipsing the records the Patriots set in 2007, or firing up another batch of Super Bowl victories a la 2001 to 2004, he was ready to bring up his favorite theme from all throughout his time with New England.

"It's been the same thing since I got here — to win," he told reporters. "That's the only thing that matters with your training, practicing, nutrition, rehab — it's to win. Everything you do when you come out here is about winning and being the best you can be for this team."

And while Brady, who increasingly has more offseason hobbies, may have reason to slow down at this point in his career, he's actually welcoming the grind of summer football.

"I love playing quarterback for this team," he said. "It's a great responsibility to have, and I appreciate it every single day. There is nothing I'd rather do than be out here — my life is pretty much built around that."

That is, if he makes the cut.

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