Bryce Harper Shatters Bat Over Home Plate But Fails to Match Catcher John Buck’s Feat (Video)


Bryce Harper Shatters Bat Over Home Plate But Fails to Match Catcher John Buck's Feat (Video)Bryce Harper's sudden ascent in Major League Baseball has been met with a pretty serious fall back to earth over the summer.

After being called up by the Nationals just weeks into the regular season, Harper has experienced the travails of a rookie getting used to major league ball. While still hitting, catching and stealing bases with aplomb, his batting average has fallen to .260, and he's holding at 10 home runs, 13 stolen bases and 30 runs batted in through 86 games.

Harper recently said he's going to try to find some "mellowness" to rediscover his early-season form, but on Sunday he appeared to be going the opposite route. Upset after striking out, Harper took his anger out on an unsuspecting home plate, shattering his bat in the process.

It's not the first time Harper's frustration with himself has caused destruction — he needed 10 stitches after hitting a wall with his bat earlier this season (after which a fierce high five from Harper may have further injured a teammate).

Harper appeared contrite after the incident, going so far as to apologize to Marlins catcher John Buck during his next at-bat, since the splintering wood could have hurt Buck behind the plate.

Buck's answer likely helped Harper laugh it off.

"I told him, 'Don't worry about it,' " Buck said after the game. " 'I did the same thing when I was your age. It was a metal bat, and I was in high school.' "

For all of Harper's accomplishments, that one is definitely not on his list.

Check out the bat-breaking episode in the video below.

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