Andy Roddick Leaves Tennis as U.S. Star in Both Play and Quip-Filled Press Conferences (Video)


As Andy Roddick's career morphed from a promising, ace-filled beginning into a frustrating, Roger Federer-filled end, the American tennis star worked hard to adjust his game to accomplish what he could.

But Roddick wasn't just tweaking his volleying and play at the net — he also developed an alacrity in press conferences that put him among the best.

Roddick, known to be quite testy on and off the court on the days his performance wasn't up to the level he wanted, won some fans in his after-match press conferences, where he was full of quips and brutal self-judgments. (Sometimes, he just insulted reporters and left, too.)

While he's had plenty of great one-liners and match synopses, the video below has one of the better compilations of Roddick summing up his days on the job.

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