Larry Fitzgerald Continues Love Affair With Bill Belichick, Calls Him 'Best Coach in History'Ahead of the Patriots' showdown with the Arizona Cardinals last Sunday, Bill Belichick made sure to give Larry Fitzgerald the respect he deserves — and then some.

Belichick bestowed some of his highest praise on Fitzgerald during a news conference last Tuesday, even going as far as to say Fitzgerald "might end up being the best [wide receiver] ever."

Only hours after Belichick's Patriots defense shut down Fitzgerald to
the tune of one catch for four yards, the Cardinals wideout offered up some big praise for the coach as well, according to

"Coach [Bill] Belichick is not the best coach in history for no reason," Fitzgerald said. "He's done it for a long time. He does a great job defensively. It was good to get out with a win, to be honest."

The idea of Belichick being the best coach ever has been thrown around many times by any number of experts, analysts and fans, especially given his stellar record, five Super Bowl appearances and three titles. But Fitzgerald's affectionate comment just further accentuates the love affair between the two. When informed of Belichick's comments about the receiver last week, Fitzgerald gushed at the thought of Belichick even mentioning him by name.

"I mean it's an honor that he even knows my name to be honest with you,"
Fitzgerald said. "He's arguably the best coach to ever do it. You look
at his record and what he's been able to accomplish over his career.
He's an unbelievable football coach. I have a long way to go. I have a
lot to improve on and a lot to work on. Obviously I'm envious of him
with all his hardware he has and his team has."

Well, it's good to see Belichick get the attention he's earned over the years. And it's always encouraging to know that Fitzgerald is actually enamored with something other than Boardwalk Empire.

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