Ozzie Guillen Makes Dig at Yankees Collapse While Ranting About Stephen Strasburg Situation


Ozzie Guillen Makes Dig at Yankees Collapse While Ranting About Stephen Strasburg SituationOzzie Guillen
has been known to throw a tirade or two, and usually for very good reason.

But getting all bent out of shape because people want to see Stephen Strasburg keep pitching? Well, that seems a little misguided.

Guillen was at his profanity-laced best Friday when asked about the Nationals' plan to not have Strasburg pitch beyond Sept. 12 in an effort to keep him healthy after Tommy John surgery. In Guillen's eyes, the whole situation shouldn't be anyone's concern — yet Guillen quickly made it his own.

"It's nobody's [expletive] business what they do with Strasburg," he told the Palm Beach Post. "That's between Washington, Strasburg and the team. Those guys made a decision in spring training: This kid is not going to be there. A lot of people have different [expletive] opinions. They're doing this for a reason, and it's not my problem."

Guillen also made the point that the situation for the Nats isn't as dire as some Strasburg supporters would suggest. While Strasburg has been phenomenal this year (15-6, 3.16 ERA, 197 strikeouts in 159 1/3 innings pitched), he's in a rotation that also includes Jordan Zimmermann, Gio Gonzalez, Ross Detwiler and Edwin Jackson. Those pitchers have had strong seasons themselves and will be lined up to take the ball in the playoffs, when Washington will need just three pitchers rather than five.

Guillen also said the Nationals (85-53, 6 1/2-game division lead going into Saturday) would be fine because they're still playing strong late in the season — unlike another MLB team that Guillen wasted no time taking a shot at.

"If those guys have a Yankees situation, [expletive] you, you're pitching," Guillen said of New York's recent slide in which the Yankees have lost a 10-game lead in the American League East. "But they don't. They have four guys out there, plus they have one of the best bullpens in the league."

So, the dominant Nationals won't need to pull out all the stops like the stumbling Yankees? It's a strange world you live in, Ozzie Guillen.

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