Ray Allen Says Kevin Garnett Getting Rid of Phone Number, Not Talking to Him Anymore Is 'A Shame'Kevin Garnett
probably remembers every kid who didn't share his cookies with him in grade school.

As the Celtics reconvened Friday for the run-up to the new NBA season, Garnett was frank about how he felt about former teammate Ray Allen, who signed with the rival Miami Heat this offseason.

Garnett said he hasn't talked to Allen since trying to convince him to stay in Boston and has gone as far as to get rid of Allen's phone number altogether. Allen signed a two-year, $6 million contract with the Heat in July amidst reports that he felt underappreciated and unwanted in Boston, which could have paid him more if he had stayed.

On Saturday, Allen responded to Garnett's apparent snub, saying the feeling was not mutual.

"That's a shame," Allen said, according to ESPNBoston.com. "I'm a good person to talk to on the phone. … I've been in weird trade situations the last few years. You always felt you had one foot in and one foot out, so I can't worry about it."

Allen said he hopes his friendship continues with Garnett. The two won an NBA title together in Boston after banding with Paul Pierce to form a modern-day Big Three.

"I don't know how many miles apart we are — sometimes the translation gets messed up," Allen said. "We're friends regardless of what happens. He's got to do what he's got to do up in Boston."

While Allen had kind words for his former compatriot, his new teammates weren't exactly trying to patch things up.

"[Garnett] doesn't need to be talking to our team anyway, so it's all good," Heat guard Dwyane Wade said.

Ah, whatever. Wade probably has Garnett on speed dial.