James Harrison Began Using Kevlar Helmet Padding After Suffering ‘Double-Digit’ Concussions in NFL


James Harrison Began Using Kevlar Helmet Padding After Suffering 'Double-Digit' Concussions in NFLWatch out defenseless receivers, one of the hardest hitters in the NFL is taking extra steps to protect his head.

James Harrison estimated that he's had "double-digit" concussions in the NFL, so he's started using an extra layer of padding inside his helmet, according to the Associated Press.

The CRT padding was developed by Unequal Technologies as a military-grade Kevlar that adds three to four ounces of extra weight to the padding of the helmet. The added protection has worked so far for Harrison who said he hasn't had any blackouts or seen spots since using the new technology.

Harrison wasn't always so protective of his noggin. He claims he's suffered ten or more concussions, but he's never missed a game with a head injury. Now he's willing to take extra measures that he doesn't believe the league cares to enforce.

"The league is mandating next year that we wear thigh and knee pads. I don't know how many people's career has been ended on a
thigh or knee bruise," said Harrison. "We have guys now that are 30, 31 years old that
are having to quit the game because they have severe headaches."

Unequal Technologies doesn't claim that the product prevents concussions, but it seems to be working for Harrison so far. The same technology was put in a flak jacket worn by Michael Vick in order to prevent serious rib injuries.

Players facing the Steelers might want to take the same measures, Harrison is known as one of the most vicious hitters in the NFL and has been fined countless times by the league for dangerous hits.

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