Junior Hockey Player Leaps Through Glass While Attempting to Celebrate Goal (Video)


That wasn’t supposed to happen.

Taylor Cox of the New Jersey Junior Titans — playing in an Atlantic Junior Hockey League U-16 game — notched a second-period goal on Saturday, and he was understandably fired up. In hindsight, however, his celebration selection wasn’t one of his smarter decisions.

Cox tallied the goal and then skated over toward the boards, leaping up into the glass, much like you’ll often see Alex Ovechkin and other NHL players do upon rippling the mesh. Cox didn’t have the luxury of sturdy glass, though, and the pane shattered, sending him tumbling out of the rink.

The game was delayed in order to clean up the mess, according to the team Website, but Cox was fortunately uninjured. In fact, he didn’t skip a beat, promptly getting up and continuing on with his celebration.

Cox may opt for something more generic next time. Or, he could even take it a step further like the Finnish hockey player who recently blew a kiss to the crowd from atop the glass.

Check out the classic fall in the video below.

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