Yes, Justin Verlander got owned by Pablo Sandoval on Wednesday night.

And this was probably the best way for Giants fans to rub it in.

A couple of days after Sandoval became just the fourth player in Major League Baseball history to hit three home runs in a World Series game — two of them off Verlander, who was uncharacteristically bad in giving up five earned runs over four innings in Game 1 — the Internet had its fun.

Michael Reyes, who appears to be a legitimate photographer, tweeted a photo of Verlander wearing a shirt that says “property of Pablo Sandoval” with a little panda face.

The photo got all kinds of people worked up, not only because it was a clever take on Verlander’s bad day and Sandoval’s big night, but also because Verlander is a fierce competitor. He must have lost a big bet to get stuck wearing that T-shirt — and while the Tigers are still fighting in the World Series, no less.

But it turns out the photo was not all it appeared to be. As people started to notice that Verlander’s too big grin was in front of a ballpark that looked a bit too summery, Detroit’s media relations department quickly pointed out what now appears to be a crafty Photoshop job.

“That’s an absolute fraud,” said Brian Britten, Tigers director of media relations, according to “I took the picture in Chicago.”

In that original picture, Verlander is smiling so big because he’s doing a little campaigning for his teammate, Miguel Cabrera, to be the American League MVP.

Justin Verlander Ploy Has Him Wearing T-Shirt That Says 'Property of Pablo Sandoval' (Photo)

The Panda may have had the last laugh in Game 1, but something like this may be the little extra motivation that Verlander needs to crank it up for his next start, likely Game 5 — if there is one.

Photos via Twitter/@Reyes_photo and @JustinVerlander

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Justin Verlander Ploy Has Him Wearing T-Shirt That Says 'Property of Pablo Sandoval' (Photo)

Photo via Twitter/@Patriots

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