Tom Brady Likes Wes Welker’s Joking Ways, But His Jokes ‘Don’t Go Over Very Well If He’s Not Playing Well’


Tom Brady Likes Wes Welker's Joking Ways, But His Jokes 'Don?t Go Over Very Well If He?s Not Playing Well'Wes Welker causes all sorts of problems for opposing secondaries with his play on the field. Off the field, however, he’s been known to cause himself a few problems with his sense of humor — one that sometimes doesn’t mix well with head coach Bill Belichick‘s stern ways.

Welker recently made a comment about Belichick, which the receiver claims was nothing more than a joke. Two seasons ago, Welker was benched during a postseason loss to the Jets after he made foot references at a news conference that were believed to be directed toward Jets head coach Rex Ryan.

Tom Brady knows Welker all too well and can attest to the wide receiver’s pranks, jokes and verbal jabs. On Wednesday, Brady was asked if he’s ever on the receiving end of the wide receiver’s jokes.

“Yeah, all the time,” Brady explained to the media during his news conference on Wednesday afternoon. “I’m on the receiving end of a lot of his jokes. He has a great personality. He works so hard and he likes to keep the mood light. He’s a little bit of a jokester. Not only that, he’s a great football player. I think his jokes don’t go over very well if he’s not playing well. So, I’m glad he’s playing well.”

But Welker isn’t just known to dish out a few jokes here and there. According to TB12, he’s “that guy” who usually takes it to the next level.

“He’s relentless,” he said. “He always has to have the last word and he usually gets it because he stays on it until you’re worn out. Those are usually the guys you don’t want to go after.”

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