The 2013 baseball is still months away, and Derek Jeter is still in the middle of rehab from the broken ankle he suffered in this year’s playoff. So that means he still has plenty of time to return to peak physical shape for his return, whenever that may be.

As anyone who’s had surgery on a toe, foot, leg or knee can tell you, being taken off of your feet for an extended period of time means you might end up putting on a few pounds. It looks like not even Jeter is immune to that.

The Yankees shortstop made the back page of the New York Post on Friday morning, and he was looking a little soft around the midsection, as a photo of him was snapped while he was walking around in his cast/walking boot.

“Rehabbing Jeter takes fork in the road to recovery,” the Post added with its caption.

See the photo below.

Derek Eater

Photo via Twitter/@jasoncollette