In the span of just a few hours on Sunday in Week 10, three NFL quarterbacks were forced from their respective games. The reason was the same for all three — concussions.

The narrative isn’t going away for the NFL, as they continue to try and make their game safer, while also maintaining the same level of physicality that the league’s fans so desperately crave.

But every so often, whether it’s a weekend of injuries or another ex-player who loses his life way too soon because of head injuries suffered during playing days, we’re reminded of how physically violent this game can be.

The consequences are real, and the NFL has been left with no choice but to try and improve the safety of its game. The NFL realizes that the players drive ratings and they bring in money. The league also doesn’t want ex-players suing the league every chance they get.

Because of that, commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL continue to work to find ways to make the game safer. They’ve made some pretty significant strides. There are some who would argue — despite the injuries — that the league is not only getting safer, but it is getting softer.

Ticky-tack penalties, especially ones committed around the quarterback, are being whistled more and more than ever before. The league has changed in an attempt to make things safer, and the offenses are the ones who are benefiting the most on a week-to-week basis.

Then again, when days like this past Sunday come around with the latest rash of concussions, it’s clear that no matter where you come down on the issue, there’s no denying there are still plenty of risks when you take the field every Sunday in the NFL.