Donte Stallworth Shares Swine Flu Vaccine Conspiracy Theories on Twitter

Donte StallworthMaybe all those trips on and off the Patriots’ roster are finally getting to Donte Stallworth.

For the record, Stallworth attended a fine university — the University of Tennessee — and majored in psychology. Unlike many of his NFL peers, Stallworth even graduated. However, a degree in psychology doesn’t necessarily make one an expert on the medicine of vaccines.

Nonetheless, Stallworth took to Twitter on Friday and, in a 17-tweet exposition, gave the world some controversial opinions about the swine flu vaccine. Let’s just say that while Stallworth languishes on injured reserve, he clearly has some extra time on his hands.

According to Stallworth’s “research” (he doesn’t cite his sources like a good academic), the wide receiver finds it suspicious that swine flu comes from Mexico rather than Asia. Stallworth claims that the 1976 “outbreak” prompted about a quarter of the U.S. population to be vaccinated, but that it actually ended up harming far more people than it helped. Again, Stallworth is light on the specifics.

We’ll let you read the rest of Stallworth’s argument on Twitter if you like, but suffice it to say that he’s skeptical of the swine flu vaccine. Not that he’s telling you what to do. Or implying that the government has any nefarious intentions.

Check out a few choice tweets below and decide if Stallworth has been watching a little too much of The X-Files.

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