Oilers Appeared to Use ‘Flying V’ From ‘Mighty Ducks’ Movies in Loss to Sharks (Video)


Jesse Hall sure would be proud of the Edmonton Oilers.

If you don’t get that seemingly obscure and meaningless reference, you either never experienced the thrill and joy that was the Mighty Ducks movie series, and/or you didn’t watch the Oilers-Sharks game on Tuesday night.

The youthful Oilers, who for some the Mighty Ducks movies may actually be before their time, looked to use the fictional team’s creative breakout technique in Tuesday’s loss to San Jose. It looked pretty inadvertent, but can’t we just pretend that the Oilers used the play on purpose?

It actually kind of worked, too, as Edmonton got a scoring chance out of it. At the very least, it worked better than this version of the play. Maybe they should have used it more often, though, as they were pasted 6-3 by the Sharks.

Check out the Oilers’ version of the play, as well as Team USA (the D2 version, of course) in the videos below.

(Stick tap to The Pens Blog for discovering and SB Nation for posting the video. And to the Mighty Ducks movies for being awesome.)

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