San Francisco Suggests Limiting Alcohol Sales During Super Bowl to Avoid Repeat of World Series Riots


Colin KaepernickBack in November when the Giants won the World Series, San Francisco, one of America’s most peace-loving cities, did its best impression of Los Angeles when citizens basically rioted in celebration. So, to avoid a repeat if the 49ers win the Super Bowl next Sunday, mayor Ed Lee is proposing some ideas that may not be too popular.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Lee and police chief Greg Suhr plan to visit some of the areas affected by last fall’s riots and kindly “suggest that [bars in the areas] serve something [other] than heavy alcohol during times of celebration, because that inebriation sometimes doesn’t help with people who want to maybe go beyond the bounds of acceptability in their celebration.”

Lee has made clear that there will be no formal ban on alcohol, but the mayor plans to personally oversee the postgame happenings and will help coordinate any responses that may be necessary. The city will also be more ready this time, and have a tactical plan in place based on November.

The city wanted to show the game on a giant screen in Civic Center Plaza to help contain celebrations, but that idea was rejected by the NFL.

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