‘Blind Side’ Family Sees Michael Oher Playing Super Bowl in New Orleans As a Miracle


Like most families of players in the Super Bowl, the parents of Michael Oher have been down in New Orleans all week. But unlike most families of players in the Super Bowl, Sean and Leigh Anne Tuohy‘s story of adopting Oher was broadcast on the big screen in The Blind Side — a film adaptation of Michael Lewis‘ best-selling book.

Sean Tuohy and Lewis grew up together in New Orleans and went to high school together. Now Tuohy will get to watch Oher, the Ravens’ starting right tackle, perform on the biggest stage.

“And there are people that think that’s a coincidence,” Tuohy told The Associated Press. “How stupid is that?

“We’ve got a huge sign in our garage that says: `We believe in miracles,'” he continued. “For other people, it may be hard to understand that. For us, it’s easy.”

The Tuohys adopted Oher when he was in high school and living with a foster family. In the film, Oher is depicted as being new to the game of football after already living with the Tuohys. In truth, Oher was a star high school football player prior to being adopted, and those inaccuracies are one reason the Baltimore tackle is tired of being asked about the movie.

“I always knew how to play football growing up,” Oher said at media day. “It was different personalities, stuff like that. Playing football is what got me to this point.”

Oher has started every game of his four-year pro career. He doesn’t man “the blind side” left tackle position anymore, but his play at right tackle has been key to opening holes for Ray Rice and protecting Joe Flacco on their run to the Super Bowl.

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