Flyers Goalie Ilya Bryzgalov Has New ‘Star Wars’ Goalie Mask (Photos)


Philadelphia Flyers goalie Ilya Bryzgalov is out there — like way out there — and the hilariously bizarre netminder continues to make just as much news for the things he does off the ice as he does on it.

Bryzgalov continues to show a fascination with outer space as well. In addition to sounding like he’s from outer space at times, Bryzgalov stole the 24/7 show last season with his ramblings about the universe. Then during the lockout, Bryzgalov used his time off looked into life as a cosmonaut.

Now, Bryzgalov is taking his fascination with the great beyond onto the ice with him. The Flyers tweeted out a couple of pictures of the goalie’s new mask Tuesday, and the new mask is a beaut. Bryzgalov has gone the Star Wars route, putting a couple of key characters on the mask.

Check out photos below via Twitter/@NHLFlyers.



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