John Harbaugh Says Brother Jim ‘Was the Favorite’ Son, Hasn’t Spoken to Him Since Super Bowl (Video)


John Harbaugh got the better of his younger brother, Jim, in the Super Bowl this year. But that doesn’t mean there are any hard feelings between the two — unless David Letterman can create some.

John, head coach for the Ravens, headed to Late Show With David Letterman this week to bask in his Super Bowl win, and Letterman wanted to know whether the loss had created any animosity. John acknowledged that the two brothers hadn’t spoken since the Super Bowl, but he said there was no ill intent.

When Letterman asked about the dynamic between the two as they were growing up, though, things got interesting.

“I felt like Jim was the favorite,” John said, noting that his brother likely agreed.

John also agreed with Letterman’s assessment that he’s breathing easier now that the older brother came through with the win.

“You do wake up thinking ‘Thank God I beat him,’” John said. “It would have been a long life.”

Check out everything he had to say in the video below, including Letterman’s send-off, when he mistakenly calls the Super Bowl champs the “Raisins.”

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